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Retirement Taxes Today

​​​​​​​Be sure to watch “Retirement Taxes Today!”

You can:

  • Discover specific taxes you can potentially reduce or possibly eliminate with a tax-efficient strategy
  • Learn about the window of opportunity IRA & 401k owners have to leverage the 2018 tax reform for potentially lower retirement taxes
  • Learn how sequencing withdrawals from certain retirement accounts may reduce your taxes in retirement
  • Understand how lost deductions could cause your retirement taxes to be higher than expected (And how to plan for it)
  • Learn how new changes to tax laws could affect the taxes you owe on your Social Security Income!

Learn how I may help you keep more of your hard-earned savings!

A Year In Review: An Economic Update for 2021

​​​​​​​Join us for this information live webinar featuring Eric Heckman, CFP®

During this webinar he will cover:

  • Recap of 2020 economy
  • New President, New Tax Plan
  • What to Expect in 2021
  • Tax Moves to Make and When to Make Them
  • Q&A Session
Webinar: Protect Your Retirement From Taxes and Market Volitility

Important market and tax update: Help Protect Your Savings from Taxes and Market Volatility! What investors need to know NOW to help avoid losses from market risk and higher taxes after age 55.

In this powerful webinar you will:

  • Find out what you can do to help protect your money fro prolonged volatility due to COVID-19
  • Find out why a big market drop could give you a chance to LOCK IN tax savings on your IRA
  • Learn what the SECURE and CARES Acts are and how they could impact your IRA or 401K
  • Discover specific taxes you can potentially reduce or eliminate to help protect your money if taxes climb higher after the crisis.

Don’t think you’re one of the “few” who needs to think about tax strategies? Think again! In this powerful web presentation, you will discover why EVERYONE with an IRA needs a tax plan in Retirement. Every dollar that doesn’t go to taxes is another dollar to fund your retirement.

A Steady Income Option That Thrives in the COVID 19 World & Beyond

If you are seeking a steady income option that thrives in today’s world, you want to attend this webinar. Key takeaways will be: the current state of the market, the economy, and our thoughts on what sectors may be positioned to do well in the current economic climate. You will also hear insights from Pisoot Senethavilay, Regional Vice President of Strategic Capital Fund Management, an alternative investment firm that we have partnered with. Join us for the webinar and learn more about how to create an attractive, steady income stream with an alternative investment that thrives in the COVID19 economy, and beyond. This is a Private Placement for investors with assets of at least $1M.

Inspiring Women

Inspiring Women focuses on several areas where women have specific retirement planning needs including Social Security, tax planning, longevity, income and healthcare. Join this free webinar and learn more about how to empower yourself in retirement!


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